Solar Information

Are you interested in solar or backup power for your home or business? Then these guides can be helpful.

commercial solar panel cleaning

Solar system maintenance and cleaning.

Does the dirt visibly collect on the frame edges of your solar modules or do your modules no longer “shine”? ...
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Latern as a load shedding solution

Load shedding solutions

With more people working from home in their home offices, load shedding has become a real problem. Especially extended periods ...
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Grid tied solar system components

How does a grid-tied solar system work?

A grid-tied solar system is also referred to as a: Grid-tied photovoltaic system; Grid-tied PV system; Grid-connected solar system; Grid-connected ...
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Load profile and solar generation profile

How to determine the solar system size needed for a commercial building.

Are you looking to install solar power on your commercial building, but have no idea what would be the correct ...
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solar panel comparison

Comparing solar panels

How do you compare solar panels? Here is some helpful information and tools to help you compare and make the ...
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Solar power in Pretoria

Solar power in Pretoria, Tshwane

Solar power in Pretoria has become a hot topic in recent years. For people based in Pretoria thinking of installing ...
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Solar power Capetown

Solar power in Cape Town

Solar power in Cape Town has become a hot topic in recent years. If you are based in Cape Town ...
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Johannesburg solar power

Solar power in Johannesburg

If you are based in Johannesburg and thinking of installing solar power, then you could find this information helpful. The ...
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backup power in south africa

Backup power in South Africa

Backup power has become crucial for businesses in South Africa due to frequent, unexpected power failures. The most common causes ...
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Typical load profile and solar generation profile

What are the benefits of solar power for business?

Solar power can contribute to making a business more successful and profitable. There are several reasons why solar power is ...
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BMZ Energy Storage battery

Compare batteries for solar systems available in South Africa

More and more manufacturers are entering the market to supply batteries for solar energy storage. The more manufacturers that are ...
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The secrets of self consumption

For the last 4 years in South Africa (and last 16 years in Germany), maxx I solar energy has been gathering ...
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Safety risks and solutions in PV systems

April 12th, 2016, Published in Articles: Energize by Lior Handelsman, SolarEdge Technologies Photovoltaic (PV) systems offer a number of benefits, ...
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Solarpower South Africa- the future is NOW

Solarpower South Africa, Cape Town, Gauteng, Johannesburg As a South Africa, the phrase ‘load shedding’ has become a bit of ...
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Reasons to go solar

There is a global shift towards clean, safe and sustainable energy – and in South Africa, this shift has the ...
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Commercial and Industrial PV System

Commercial and Industrial PV systems (solar systems) are proven to provide long-term sustainability and decrease your electricity costs while at ...
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