Commercial and Industrial PV System

Commercial and Industrial PV systems (solar systems) are proven to provide long-term sustainability and decrease your electricity costs while at the same time reducing your CO2 footprint of your company and making you more independent from your national electricity supplier.

Commercial Solar System

Commercial solar power system

It does not matter if the PV system (solar system) is situated on the roof or on the ground. The maxx-solar team partner will find the correct solution in order for you to receive the maximum long-term output from your very own energy plant. Total peace of mind can be found with the many commercial PV systems, which maxx-solar-Partners have already installed all around South Africa and of course in Germany.

A very important point when planning in the investment of a PV system, would be that the annual expenditures do not exceed the investment benefits. The amount, saved through the installation of this PV system, can now be used for the positive clearance of interest at your bank. In other words, the earlier you start saving by producing your own electricity, the earlier you will have paid off your loan and interest. This in turn will mean that you can now enjoy the full competitive advantage by putting yourself into a positive energy generation position.

Commercial and Industrial Solar energy systems can guarantee you a large amount of energy over a long period of time with the result that a low cost of electricity is guaranteed. Good quality clean energy systems, which have high quality components, combined with good planning will provide for 25 years or more, independent, clean, and cost effective solar energy!
‘The sun does not send an invoice!’

The modules from maxx-solar come standard with a 10 year guarantee and 25 years performance guarantee. The producers of our inverters have a standard guarantee from 5 – 12 years. These can even be upgraded to 20 years with a special service package.
The choice in products combined with the quality of your installer will determine the lifespan, performance and output of your commercial PV system.

Learn more about what the possible options to consider when it comes to the components:

Four steps towards your own solar power plant to BeMoreIndependent and for a competitive advantage:

1.       Analysing and consulting
A maxx-solar employee will, in conjunction with a regional maxx-Team partner, meet with you to discuss your needs such as electricity usage, actual costs, layout and statistic analysis. Once this data has been collected, we can calculate a proposal which will include a calculation of profitability for the intended project.

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2.       Once you have decided on which system is correct for you, the maxx-team partner will take care of the rest. This will result in stress free planning and fast implementation of your new commercial PV system.

3.       The installation and integration into your existing system will be discussed with you in advance. We will then make sure that it will be installed on the date which is suitable for you.

4.       Even after completion of your Solar system installation, our job is not finished. With a service contract the maxx-team partner can now monitor your solar plant remotely which will result in uninterrupted operation for your peace of mind.

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So in a nutshell, "the early bird catches the worm and OWNS the sunshine!!!"

Remember, "He who hesitates - ends up in the dark!!!"

Reduce your electricity bill, BeMoreIndependent, reduce your CO2 footprint and be "Clean and Green" – with a modern maxx-solar commercial PV system

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