Reasons to go solar


There is a global shift towards clean, safe and sustainable energy – and in South Africa, this shift has the potential to be a clean energy revolution.

Photovoltaic energy systems are able to cure some of South Africa's biggest energy problems:

  • Homes and businesses are able to generate their own energy during power failures
  • Solar energy (in most cases) is cheaper than the grid
  • People far from the national grid can generate electricity on-site for free from the sun
  • Cleaner energy will reduce our carbon footprint and negative impact on the climate (the average home burns the equvalent of 1 tonne of carbon every month for electricity)

If the human species is to secure a future on earth an energy revolution is required, and we at maxx-solar energy are spearheading the #RooftopRevolution.

Free, safe, reliable energy from the sun for years and years (+25) to come. High quality products that when installed professionally are the most secure, reliable (and best performing) investment in your future.

Unleash the sun and join the #RooftopRevoltion with maxx | solar & energy

27.11.2014 /