maxx solar energy stands for Quality and Independence.

We offer solar consulting you can trust. The maxx solar energy group has over 10 years of experience in the solar industry and has been active in a diverse range of business fields. We have invested our own time and money, grew a business, put visions into practice and therefore feel comfortable to share our knowledge with others. We come from where our clients are and can understand small and medium-size enterprises better than no one else.

maxx consulting Cape Town

We always followed the approach to offer our maxx | academy graduates more than only a once-off training but instead ongoing help and support. Based on our own business activities in South Africa, we saw a demand in the whole industry and decided to share our experiences. By now, we are able to support companies along the whole process: Founding a business, creating structures and setting up a supply line, negotiations with suppliers and clients and even marketing and branding. We have gone through the process of building up businesses ourselves in Germany as well as South Africa and can therefore share important lessons learnt and personal experiences.

We offer our services especially to alumni companies who did the training in the academy before but are also open for other companies entering the PV industry or similar markets.

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