In Germany and Europe we talk about "Energiewende“ - which means rethinking conventional energy generation.  In applying the lessons we have learnt in Germany over the last decade to Southern Africa, we are confident that solar energy will be one of the most important sources of electricity in Africa.  Solar is simple to install, lasts almost forever and is now finally cost effective.
The world wide transition away from dirty finite fossil fuels is the "Solar Energy Revolution!"
Maxx invites you to be a part of the clean energy revolution.  We bring high quality solar energy to villages, provide electricity to houses and farms, reduce the risks of power failures and enable our clients to save an enormous amount of money.

Europe has an extremely stable electricity grid and hardly ever experiences power failures - this is not so in South Africa.  By applying our knowledge of solar energy to this problem,  Maxx has created a South African first - the acclaimed Be More IndependentTM  (BMI) solar energy system.  A first of its kind residential solution to safeguard home owners against load shedding and power failures. (

Maxx has extensive experience in realising ALL types of solar energy systems (from small home systems to big sized solar power plants).  An effective PV System depends on efficiency, safety, and durability. Maxx Germany imparts that knowledge and experience to its African partners and Alumni allowing South African installers to mount your PV System with the same quality, reliable products and certified service.

The Maxx -Solar Energy #RooftopRevolution is spreading infinite, free solar energy to remote corners of the country - remember...the sun doesn’t send a bill!