maxx germany

Behind the professionalism of maxx | solar energy is the German company maxx | solar and energy.

Maxximum power and maxximum standards

maxx | solar and energy deals with the technical and economic development in the solar industry. With many years of experience in the field of photovoltaics, we are in Central Germany one of the pioneers in the construction of residential, commercial and agricultural solar systems and solar farms.

Our company's history further confirmed that the use of efficient, high-quality products known manufacturers, our technical know-how, provides for us and you an excellent, high quality photovoltaic systems.

Outside of Germany

Even outside of Germany proves maxx solar and energy social awareness. With various projects, the company is active in South Africa. Since 2012, the maxx-energy Pty. Ltd was founded. Together with the DGS Thuringia we have created the largest current solar school in Africa. Since 2014, the maxx-academy is also active in Tanzania and Egypt. In South Africa is the maxx-energy exclusive partner of IBC Solar.

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