Commercial References

Industrial solar systems - utility size

Commercial PV systems are a great solution for manufacturing sites, offices, public buildings or any place with high energy demand. As an office or production facility operates mostly at day-time, the energy of the sune can be used over the whole day.

The more energy consumption, the more efficient is the large-scale PV system. Have you ever thought about getting a PV system for your company? You can only save money, an industrial PV system is a safe investment: Fast return of investment and you even save money by not giving it to Eskom.

Have a look at the commercial systems below, this is how easy saving electricity costs can be. All installations were done by our maxx-team partners themselves or in cooperation with us. Click here to request a quote.

Are you an installer and would like to learn more about industrial systems? In our maxx-solar academy we offer courses on how to design PV farms once a year.!