Solarpower South Africa- the future is NOW

Solarpower South Africa, Cape Town, Gauteng, Johannesburg

As a South Africa, the phrase ‘load shedding’ has become a bit of a swear word. We have been introduced to these blackouts around January 2008, as the demand for electricity has gradually outweighed its supply, placing large strain on our national grid and therefore on us, the end consumer. We have had many frustrating moments in the past and the truth is, we will face many more as the future with our national electricity supplier is very uncertain. The next logical step is to become independent from the utilities, therefore looking for alternative energy solutions. Team this with top of its class German engineering and we have a powerful way forward using solar power.

450 kWp by maxx and RED in Villiersdorp

Solar System Cape Town

Solar Power is different to Hydro Power  or wind power in that it creates electricity using solar panels. This makes it a clean power system where you are reducing your CO2 print while you are receiving reliable and sustainable energy which will continue to work, even if our national electricity supplier cannot. In other words, you are independent from load shedding!

Photovoltaic systems (or PV systems) is the renewable energy system of the future. Think about it: ‘The sun does not send an invoice!’

Solar System Cape Town, Western Cape, Gauteng, Johannesburg

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