About the maxx-solar blog

The maxx-solar & energy Blog is a created by maxx-solar & energy employees to share their every day experiences and knowledge with you.

In this way we would like to report openly, honestly, and first hand stories about the maxx-solar & energy in Germany as well as discussing and sharing current topics in the area of Photovoltaics from around the world with you.

Maxx-solar & energy "bloggers" come from the departments of Installation, business development, marketing and top management.

All blog posts are uncensored and unfiltered. The articles are not pre-formulated or suggested by agencies. Because we want to give you a similarly direct impression of our philosophy as if you were sitting opposite of us.

Our motto: Let´s talk about it!

The maxx-solar & energy Blog lives from participation - in this sense, we look forward to your comments, suggestions and wishes!