The secrets of self consumption

For the last 4 years in South Africa (and last 16 years in Germany), maxx I solar energy has been gathering a #RooftopRevolutionaryArmy. A network of highly trained installers across Africa that rally behind a cause.  A cause that is bigger than any individual or company and a cause that is gathering greater momentum every day, the solar energy revolution.

We have trained more than 1000 attendees through our academy and are one of the few South African companies to complete projects or be involved in solar energy across most of the SADC countries.  The call to action and response has been enormous.

With literally hundreds of projects completed successfully in the residential and business environment the cause and momentum towards solar energy continues to grow.  But what exactly is the cause - why do we and the hundreds of installers we work with get out of bed each day? The answer is three-fold:

1 - It makes (financial) sense! In the projects we are involved, system owners make a huge saving per unit of energy they require. With energy costs from the grid being around R1.50 to R2 per unit - energy from solar panels can be almost 150% cheaper than the grid!

2 - It is the energy source of the future - available now. If you could go back in time and buy shares in cellphone companies would you do it? if you knew a few years ago how big mobile connectivity would get what would you have done differently? This is the case with energy from solar panels - it is the energy source of the future and thus the longer the wait to make a decision, the more there is to lose.

3 - Thirdly, the final thrust of our revolution - the drive and motivation to "Be More Independent" - after our flag ship solution, the maxx solar BMI system. Who does not want to secure energy security in such volatile times and prices.

These three factors are the reason to get behind the solar energy revolution. Cheaper energy, future proofing energy security.

Take a look at what is possible with a small home system from maxx, always installed by trained professionals.

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