BMI- #BeMoreIndependent

Solar and battery

maxx offers its Be More Independent (BMI™) grid-tie solar power generation solution in four  configurations that are designed to meet most residential household requirements. In the near future we will be extending the capacity of our BMI™ system to accommodate the needs of light industrial and agricultural users.

Prices for a fully installed BMI™ system start from R85 500 incl. VAT. By reducing dependency on conventional electricity supplies, a BMI™ system could deliver a full return on investment in 48 months.

Each BMI™ configuration  consists of premium German-engineered solar panels and invertors which connect directly to your electrical distribution board. Germany is the world leader in the design / manufacture and usage of solar power generation equipment.

Owners can log onto our web-based  monitoring console to review their power generation and usage in real time to guarantee optimal operation.

Our BMI Solar System

After years of research and development we are proud to present the Be More Independent  “BMI 3000/5000+” Solar Home System. The first true alternative, sustainable energy system. Perfectly designed as the ideal investment in your family’s energy future. The BMI system can either reduce your energy bill or be optimised to be a main source of electricity for your  home. Available in four models the cure for load shedding and power failures has arrived.

Technical details on our BMI systems can be found on the individual product pages.