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Solar Power from Germany for South Africa.

The solar energy revolution has begun. Easily use solar energy to power your home or business. Maxx-solar energy is leading the solar energy rooftop revolution in Southern Africa. As a subsidiary of one of the most dynamic German solar energy players, we know that solar energy is a viable, robust and secure energy solution for Africa. We ensure the best value for our clients through long-term experience, high quality standards and uncompromising excellence in design, construction and customer service from our partner companies. maxx - solar energy: unleash tomorrows energy today.

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Maxx News

Grid tied solar system components

How does a grid-tied solar system work?

A grid-tied solar system is also referred to as a: Grid-tied photovoltaic system; Grid-tied PV system; Grid-connected solar system; Grid-connected ...
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Tesla Powerwall 2

We’re excited to share that the Tesla Powerwall two will be available to order in South Africa in 2020.

The Tesla Powerwall two stores surplus energy produced by your solar system during the day to power your home with ...
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Press release: 12 November 2019

Solar energy Made in Germany - The KYA-Energy Group was supplied with an off-grid 30 kWp solar system in Lomé, ...
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maxx-solar energy strategic partnership with German PV pioneer IBC SOLAR.

Breaking News: We are proud to announce to our customers and partners that we are entering into a close and ...
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