Merry Christmas !

We all know that this year was one of a kind and tested us in many ways: patience, hope, resilience, being able to adapt and sometimes to say: It is like it is.

We from maxx-solar & energy were one of the lucky ones that could go on with our business and proceed on our way to be part of the energy transition.

As you can see we also didn´t stop to work on exploring and finding new ways to share our knowledge and keep in touch with you

For 2021, we plan to start the maxx-solar & energy blog here on this website.

We will upload content – once per week, starting on the 6th of January 2021 – with an Interview of CEO of maxx-solar&energy in Germany: Dieter Ortmann.

After that, we will cover the following topics and hope to create content and information that is helpful to you and your business, development and personal carrier. Topics we will cover are:

  1. Solar technology (latest developments and trends from around the world)
  2. Solar energy carriers (mentoring, networks, experts)
  3. maxx-solar Germany news (whats going on in Germany?)
  4. Digitalisation and education (how is the PV-industry related to that?)

So stay tuned and let´s talk about it in 2021 

first blog post

Your maxx-blog-team!

20.12.2020 /