EEEASILY MORE. Excellent. Efficient. Expert. The Value-Added Modules of the IBC SOLAR Line.

Our versatile portfolio of IBC SOLAR Line includes polycrystalline and monocrystalline solar modules. Whether photovoltaic systems for homes, businesses or PV power plants - with the Value-Added Modules of the IBC SOLAR Line you rely on the perfect solution for your needs.

More than 2,700 megawatts of installed capacity and over 160,000 photovoltaic systems testify to IBC SOLAR’s high level of expertise.



Easily more experience: Expertise that pays off for you.

Our optimum materials mix and module construction are the result of 30 years of experience and development. IBC SOLAR’s Value-Added Modules ensure that you are always up to speed.

Easily more security: Guaranteed greater value for money.       

The certified credit rating proves that the warranties are secured now and in the future. Leading financial institutions rate IBC SOLAR’s Value-Added modules as top-financeable, which facilitates financing for you.

Easily more quality: The highest standards for your total satisfaction.

The production on the most modern production lines, practical product testing as well as comprehensive controls of incoming goods and the production site ensure the highest quality and maximum reliability.

Easily more efficiency: Strength right down to the last detail.

Powerful cells, a positive power tolerance and a 25-year performance warranty maximize your electricity yield. Maximum profitability that pays off in the long term.

Easily more system: Everything fits together perfectly.

With IBC SOLAR everything is well thought-out right down to the smallest detail – from the highly-qualified IBC SOLAR Partners through to customized system design with the PV Manager. Smart Systems for Solar Power ensures the best performance.

Easily more service: All-around carefree package with IBC SOLAR.

From personal advice and a tailor-made offers through to fast, professional installation, your trained IBC SOLAR Partner will be right by your side to provide you with expert support right from the outset.