DGS Solar Power Technician - 3rd to 4th November 2012

DGS Solar Power Technician

The DGS Solar Power Technician is targeting participants coming from the building or electrician business who either wants to expand their field of expertise or looking for a complete new professional working environment. The professional team of the maxx-solar academy provides all required photovoltaic basics, consolidates electro technical knowledge and focus on the installation of photovoltaic plants, while giving an overview of the design. Hands-on experience on roof models, experiments with handheld PV-cells and PV exercises facilitate the understanding and learning of the course.

Educational objective: DGS Solar Power Technician are able to install and maintain photovoltaic systems in accordance with international standards.

Main topics: PV basics, PV plant components, introduction to planning and design,professional installation, commissiooning and operation of PV plants, fault finding and quality assurance.

Participants: Installers, builders, electricians

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