What is an Inverter?

The inverter is the heart and security guard of a PV system.

It converts direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC), leads the electricity gained in the solar panels to where it is needed and protects all connected electric devices.

In a grid-tied system it synchronizes the PV system to the grid, whereas in a back-up system a special inverter is needed that is furthermore able to create a grid itself in case the public grid fails or doesn’t exist.

5081_low-600x449 KopieOn-Grid 1 Phase

For households with only on phase or small PV systems.

5166_low-600x600 KopieOn-Grid 3 Phase

For households with 3 phases, usually larger systems.

4528_low-600x600 KopieBack-up Systems

Inverter charger for back-up systems,   that operate during load shedding.

A battery bank can be connected to this inverter.

141127B_SolarEdge_SE2200_SOProject Inverters

For larger industrial systems and PV farms (>150 kWp)