IBC Solar- leading in solar power

IBC SOLAR- leading in solar power – and maxx-solar- strong partner in South Africa

IBC SOLAR is a leading global specialist in PV systems, offering complete solutions for power production from solar energy. Globally, IBC SOLAR has already implemented more than 150,000 turnkey PV systems with a total power of more than 2.5 GWp. Its components and systems are traded over an extensive network of trade partners, such as maxx |solar energy (Pty) Ltd. Through maintenance and monitoring, IBC Solar ensures an optimal performance of the solar parks. IBC SOLAR was founded in 1982 in Bad Staffelstein, Germany, and employs around 300 people, of which approximately 200 work in Germany.

Together we can change the world – with your know-how and our support. As a sales partner, you profit from our more than 30 years of experience, our field tested know-how and our renown in the photovoltaic industry. We’ve successfully implemented over 150,000 projects of 2,5 Gigawatt or more with our partners worldwide.


A partnership with IBC SOLAR is a mutually beneficial relationship. Our program provides clearly defined requirements and benefits, as well as a range of options. This means you can find a partnership arrangement that works best for your business.


We ensure that your business is invested with us at the right level, and that you have the right resources to get under way as soon as possible. As a valued partner, you can also grow your business with access to our broad and growing customer base.


IBC SOLAR provides training, marketing and technical support to get our partners enabled and then backs it up with additional sales, marketing and technical support to ensure that opportunities get closed and their customers are always satisfied.


At IBC SOLAR, we continuously strive to extend our network of strong sales partners, who can complement our business and provide maximum value to our customers.


We welcome opportunities to explore new partnerships with IBC-Solar and the South Africa Partner maxx-solar-energy.!



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