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Tesla Powerwall buy from maxx-solar-energy in Cape Town/ Western Cape

From Q1 2016, Tesla Powerwall battery will be on sale in Germany from maxx-solar & energie.  It is not yet available in South Africa, but watch this space for updates on it's release in our market soon.... It is unbelievable how Tesla captured all the attention with 100% commitment to the electric energy storage market. Certainly, the Powerwall, as well as the Electric Cars of Tesla will continue its triumphant march to our market.  Self-sufficient living with green clean electricity is the ultimate goal of Tesla founder Elon Musk.

Tesla powerwall

Tesla Powerwall Fot: Tesla

More information for the Tesla Powerwall battery for Cape Town/ Western Cape market here:

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When the future begins with you......

The Tesla Powerwall has a distinct advantage over other energy storage designs. The Tesla powerwall can also be mounted outside buildings and thus not taking up unnecessary space in the interior rooms of the family home.

The Tesla Home Storage will be installed initially only with inverters from the manufacturer SolarEdge, Fronius, SMA represented by maxx-solar and, additionally by certified service partners and wholesalers.

Keep in mind that existing installations of SolarEdge inverters commissioned during 2015 and earlier can be coupled with powerwall. An important consideration if you want to buy the Tesla Powerwall.

Shortly after the launch of the Tesla battery 38,000 units were Pre-Sold and reserved. Such a thing has never happened before in the short history of photovoltaics. The Tesla factory is already fully booked until mid-2016. The next major step in the advancement of battery technology has already made. Tesla is building the first Gigawatt factory for power storage in Nevada. An incredible project. With the development of the Tesla cars, the promising start of Tesal battery is phenomenal and evolving rapidly. Elon Musk, founder of Tesla is already planning a second Gigawatt factory.

Tesla battery factory in Nevada the Gigafactory

Tesla Gigawattfactory Foto: Tesla

Last year, CEO Dieter Ortmann was in South Korea, where he inspected the production facilities of LG and Samsung. There, too, he found huge production capacity, from which we can expect a very promising future.  We are confident that specifically Tesla will bring about a change in the market and in a very short time a lot of the evening sports events with be broadcast with SELF generated energy. The Powerwall will make this possible and commonplace.

Below is the presentation of Tesla battery:


How the SolarEdge Inverter Sytem and Tesla storage integrates with your home:


Tesla powerwall - How It Works

Tesla- storage in Cape Town solution with SolarEdge inverters

Specification (s) Tesla Powerwall
Wall Mount, rechargeable lithium-ion battery with heat control
10 kWh for backup applications, 7 kWh for daily application cycle
10 years warranty
92% DC Efficiency
2.0 kW continuous power, 3.3 kW peak load
350-450 Volt
5.8 Amp Power Rating | 8.6 amps peak power
Charging cycles
Modbus / CAN
single or three phase
KfW 275
- 20 ° C to + 43 ° C
Wall mounting, indoor and outdoor use
100 kg (without inverter)

Datasheet_Daily Powerwall

Tesla Powerwall Buy, order, questions - please contact us

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The price of the Tesla PW depends on the model of the inverter.
For retrofitting Be sure to ask a maxx-solar-Team Partner!

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