BMI 3000

BMI 3000 bemi

Our BMI 3000

  • Three thousand watts of solar power
  • Reduce your energy bill and dependence on the grid
  • 30 -50% off-grid living (depending on your specific energy consumption)

BMI - be more independent

maxx offers its Be More Independent (BMI™) grid-tie solar power generation solution in four configurations that are designed to meet most residential household requirements. In the near future we will be extending the capacity of our BMI™ system to accommodate the needs of light industrial and agricultural users. Prices for a fully installed BMI™ system start from R85 500 incl. VAT. By reducing dependency on conventional electricity supplies, a BMI™ system could deliver a full return on investment in 48 months. Each BMI™ configuration  consists of premium German-engineered solar panels and invertors which connect directly to your electrical distribution board. Germany is the world leader in the design / manufacture and usage of solar power generation equipment. Owners can log onto our web-based monitoring console to review their power generation and usage in real time to guarantee optimal operation.

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Reasons to go solar

  • Electricity costs are rising!
  • Load shedding!
  • Power failures are increasing!
  • Solar energy is clean!
  • Solar energy makes financial sense!
Reasons to be more energy independent

  • No electricity puts your safety and security at risk
  • Electric gates and garage doors do not work
  • House alarm and electric fences switch off
  • Stuff in the fridge and freezer rots
  • No TV - no sports, no movies, no chance to relax
  • Can't charge electronic devices
  • No internet or wi-fi
  • No lights for kids to study