Top Innovation Champion 2020 - maxx made it!

TOP Innovation Champion 2020

Letting go of the old and daring to try the new: innovative medium-sized companies like us are not afraid of change, but see it as an opportunity. This is what convinced us in the 27th round of the TOP 100 innovation competition.

About „TOP 100“

Since June 19, 2020, we have officially been among the TOP 100! In the scientific selection process, we particularly impressed in the categories "Innovation-promoting top management" and "Innovation climate". 

We are mega proud of this award! This also shows once again how innovation-promoting photovoltaics and the industry in general is.

TOP 100 companies, like us focus on sustainable and intelligent energy concepts. We are the specialist in Thuringia for solar power and offer our customers turnkey solutions for photovoltaic systems and storage solutions.

The special thing about it: Thanks to the intelligent priority energy control, each customer can decide for himself how his energy should be used. For example, if the electricity stored in the battery for the night use, should be self-consumed, exported or if the electric car should be charged first.

To ensure that we can offer every customer the right solution, we also focus on training our employees. Everyone who starts with us undergoes a comprehensive seminar and training program, including product training.

About „TOP 100“ - the competition

The TOP 100 companies were subjected to around 120 test criteria. They explained, for example, how they organize innovation processes within the company, how they design the working environment for employees so that they can be creative, and what innovation strategies they pursue (explanation of the test criteria at: To ensure that all companies have the same opportunities, the award is awarded in three size categories: up to 50 employees, 51 to 200 employees and more than 200 employees.

As a mentor of the competition, science journalist, Ranga Yogeshwar was impressed by the TOP 100 companies.

"The innovative strength of these medium-sized companies forms a counterpoint to shareholder value orientation and the platform economy, which often exploits its service providers and is primarily interested in customer data […].  The innovations of the TOP 100, on the other hand, are an expression of a "we" culture […]“, he said.

"The SMEs are concerned with securing the future in the long term. They don't think about progress from the perspective of short-term profit; instead, they focus on securing the company's existence," says Yogeshwar.

About „TOP 100“ - key figures

 Innovations make a significant contribution to healthy development, as some of the TOP 100's key figures show:

  • The sales growth of the award-winning companies is 22.7 percentage points above the industry average.
  • The top innovators generate 36.8 percent of their sales with market innovations or innovative improvements that they have introduced in the previous three years.
  • From 2016 to 2018, all 257 TOP 100 companies applied for a total of 4,584 patents.

About „TOP 100“ - the history

Since 1993, Compamedia has been awarding the TOP 100 seal for special innovative strength and above-average innovation success to medium-sized companies. Scientific management has been in the hands of Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke since 2002. Franke is the founder and director of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. With 25 research awards and over 200 publications, he is one of the leading innovation researchers internationally.

The mentor of TOP 100 is science journalist Ranga Yogeshwar.

Project partners are the Fraunhofer Society for the Promotion of Applied Research and the BVMW association of small and medium-sized enterprises. As media partners, manager magazine, impulse and W&V accompany the company comparison.

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