Press release: 12 November 2019

Solar energy Made in Germany - The KYA-Energy Group was supplied with an off-grid 30 kWp solar system in Lomé, Togo.

Official inauguration 15 November 2019, Lomé

The electrification and provision of reliable and clean energy is one of the key development drivers in West Africa. The Togolese government aims to electrify all households by 2030 by means of grid expansion, the use of small off-grid solar systems and solar mini-grids.

A few mini-grids have already been installed for rural communities, with another 317 to follow.  This tremendous task can only be accomplished by training local engineers and installers to install, operate and maintain solar mini-grids.

The German solar company maxx solar & energy GmbH & Co. KG, GREEN Solar Academy and the KYA-Energy Group have joined forces to advance with their combined expertise, the use of mini-networks in the country.

As part of the dena RES project, Togo, a 30 kWp Made in Germany pilot plant was installed at the headquarters of the KYA-Energy Group in Lomé. The system not only supplies power to the headquarters of the KYA-Energy Group, but is also used to train solar installers within the GREEN Solar Academy.

Representatives of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Togolese Ministry of Energy will inaugurate the solar system and officially open the GREEN Solar Academy on 15 November 2019.

off grid solar system africa

Electrification and the provision of reliable and clean energy are important development factors in West Africa. Access to electricity is the basis for better education and economic development.  Solar energy plays an important role in this development process due to its many uses, affordability and independence from fossil fuels.

The sun does not send a bill, making it the ideal resource for the electrification of Africa.  Mini-grids have become a standard solution for rural electrification. Nevertheless, the use of solar technology is still new and project implementation, operation and maintenance of the equipment can pose challenges.

KYA-Energy Group

Prof. Dr. med. Yao Azoumah and his team have been in the solar business in Togo, since 2015. His company KYA-Energy Group provides complete solutions for photovoltaics, and also operates a research and training department. Their main business areas are, the installation and sales of solar systems for residential and commercial customers. The company’s strength lies in the design and sales of off-grid systems for small to medium sized organizations. 

The right partner

During a seminar trip to Germany in 2017, Prof. dr. Yao Azoumah met maxx | solar & energy GmbH & Co. KG. and found the right partner to expand their business in two ways: the wholesale of solar systems made in Germany, and a training academy for the West African market. "One year ago, Prof. Azoumah and I met for the first time and developed the idea to install a pilot PV system, Made in Germany, in Lomé. "Thanks to the support of the German Energy Agency GmbH (dena), we will be able to commission a 30 kWp solar system as an additional system at KYA-Energy this week, "says Dieter Ortmann, Managing Director of maxx | solar & energie GmbH & Co. KG. 

Maxx-solar in Africa

Dieter Ortmann started his work in Africa in 2011. He built maxx | solar energy PTY Ltd. as a training and wholesale company for Southern Africa. "With Prof. dr. Yao Azoumah, we have found the right partner for expanding our business to West Africa and want to use this off-grid pilot project to demonstrate the quality, functionality and sustainability of German solar technology." said Dieter Ortmann.

About the system

The 30 kWp grid-independent solar system is the second solar system for the headquarters of the KYA-Energy Group in Lomé. "Our business is growing and we have recently built new workshops. The possibility of adding a 30 kWp solar system to our current 10 kWp solar system in cooperation with a German partner gives us the opportunity to generate the required electricity ourselves and to demonstrate various technologies on our site, "says Prof. Dr. med. Yao Azoumah.

The 30 kWp off-grid system combines German solar technology with an innovative monitoring concept from the KYA-Energy Group. 105 solar modules of the German company IBC with an output of 285 Wp was installed. The system will produce around 90 kWh of energy per day.

The electricity is consumed mainly during the day and stored in part in 48 BAE batteries with a total capacity of 1750 Ah at 48 V for use at night and in low sunlight conditions. In order to maximize the energy yield and to synchronize the energy production with the energy consumption, the modules are aligned in different directions.

With the German battery manufacturer BAE Batterien GmbH from Berlin, maxx and KYA have not only found a supplier, but also a partner. Jan IJspeert, Managing Director of BAE Batterien GmbH, supports the pilot project as he sees West Africa as an important market for his high-quality batteries. "We want to support KYA and the Togolese government in the sustainable development of a reliable energy supply," said Jan IJspeert.

GREEN Solar Academy

The 30 kWp off-grid system will be at the heart of the GREEN Solar Academy's training focused on solar mini grids. The GREEN Solar Academy is the successor to the maxx | solar academy. Together with 10 local partners, GREEN currently offers independent training in 11 academies in 9 countries in Africa. GREEN stands for the Global Renewable Energy & Efficiency Network, because the aim of the Academy is not only to provide training, but also to build a network of PV installers across Africa. Since 2011, more than 2000 solar installers have been trained and become part of the network.

GREEN and KYA have joined forces to bring the Academy to West Africa and provide GREEN Academy training in the region.  The first KYA-operated GREEN Solar Academy is the Academy in Togo. The KYA team successfully participated in several GREEN Solar Academy training programs and this month will offer the first solar installation training program.

Official inauguration

One year after finding our ideas, we welcome the representative of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Minister of Energy to the official inauguration of the 30 kWp off-grid solar system and the start of the GREEN Solar Academy Togo on 15 November 2019.


Supporting organizations

The Dena-RES-Project Togo is being launched by the German Energy Agency and the German Ministry for Industry and Energy and implemented with funding from the "Exportinitiative Energie" of the dena-Renewable-Energy-Solutions-Program.

Deutsche Energie-Agentur (dena)

Dena is the competence centre for energy efficiency, renewable energies and intelligent energy systems. As an agency for "applied energy transition", we contribute to achieving the energy and climate policy goals by developing and putting into practice solutions, both nationally and internationally. For that, bring together partners from politics and business across all industry sectors. The shareholders of dena are the Federal Republic of Germany and the KfW Bank group.

Exportinitiative Energie

With the "Exportinitiative Energie" Initiative, the "Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWi)" (Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy) supports small and medium-sized German companies in the energy sector in the development of foreign markets. Addressed are companies that offer energy solutions in the field of renewable energy, energy efficiency, smart grids or storage. 

The aim of the "Exportinitiative Energie" initiative is to position and disseminate German energy technologies more internationally, in order to increase the market potential for German technologies and German know-how.

In line with the respective export phases, the export initiative focuses on information transfer, business development and networking.

dena-Renewable-Energy-Solutions-Programm (dena-RES-Programm)

With its dena-RES-program, the German Energy Agency (dena) supports companies in the renewable energy sector in opening up markets. In attractive target markets, energy technology will be installed at representative institutions in publicity and advertising, and comprehensively supported by PR, marketing and training activities. 

These flagship projects funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie, BMWi) " as part of the "Export Initiative Energy" aims to demonstrate the quality of German products in the field of renewable energies and to facilitate the sustainable entry into new markets for participating companies.



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