Solar MD Battery

Solar MD - Bringing affordable, clean energy to every home in Africa.

Solar MD is another Proudly South African company. Their batteries are designed and manufactured in Capetown South Africa.

Solar MD batteries are available in a variety of sizes, and configurations. To see all the available models and specifications go to this link.

Solar MD advanced residential Battery products rely on Lithium-Ion technology for streamlined energy storage.

There are two different options available solutions available.

  1. Wall mount
  2. Cabinet mount

Wall mount

SolarMD solar battery

Their flexible modular design will enable you to combine their two different models of 3.7KWh and 7.4kWh battery modules. Different energy storage capacities can thus be created according to user requirements.

See more information here.

Cabinet mount

The CB-12 cabinet relies on a Cabinet Mounted Lithium Iron-Phosphate battery for streamlined energy storage. We use a flexible modular design. For this reason, it to be set up on the CB-12 Cabinet (7.4-22.2kWh) with 1 to 3 SS202 Cabinet Mount battery modules.

See more information here.


  • Residential PV Installations for household energy demands.
  • Residential and commercial UPS systems.
  • GRID-INTERACTIVE energy system.
  • OFF-GRID energy system.


For informative videos on how this battery is installed click here.

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