The Rooftop Revolution

#RooftopRevolution is the hashtag under which we are collecting various social media posts and campaigns. The idea behind the #RooftopRevolution is simple: Cover all roofs with photovoltaic!

Business brief

A comment by our director in the BusinessBrief April/May 16

What makes solar energy special and enables us to really start a revolution is that it is accessable for everyone. Every household can enter the revolution and produce its own energy. No other renewable energy has such a potential and is as easy to handle as solar PV.

In South Africa, there are even more positive side effects. It is not only green energy production, the logical reasons why to invest into a photovoltaic system are already convincing enough: Photovoltaic in combination with a storage system makes you independent from rising electricity prices and power cuts due to load shedding. The investment costs are economically bearable -really for everyone!- and will pay you back much more than initially invested! Nobody hesitates when investing in a car even though you will never see your money again so why doubting when investing into a PV system when it even pays you money back??

We at maxx I solar energy are convinced of the idea of this revolution. We work hard on finding solutions how to spread the idea of photovoltaic energy even more.

One of our latest ideas is the concept of "PV Renting". We are offering the possibilty to finance the purchase of a PV system on a monthly basis to make it even easier!

If you are interested in this new concept, please contact us and we will provide you with further information.

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