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Our recently founded joint venture IBC Solar South Africa supplies solar components to installers, planners, engineers and electricians in all of South Africa and the whole sub-Saharan region.

Quality, excellent consultation and a convincing product portfolio are the basics for your success. One strategy to a successful business is taking a different position than the rest of the market and not just imitating ideas.
This can be achieved with perfectly coordinated products which distinguish themselves from the market and are in a strong financial and strategic position and offer the client added value.

The combination of these quality products, especially to the BMI system, fulfill these strict market criteria and will bring maxx-solar energy and its partners to a leading position on the emerging PV market.

Premium-Partner - IBC Solar

Our combination of different European quality brands fulfills these strict market criteria and especially the powerful combination to the BMI system brings us and our clients in a leading position on the emerging PV market.

IBC_LogoRGB300dpiIBC SOLAR is a leading global specialist in PV systems, offering complete solutions for power production from solar
energy. Globally, IBC SOLAR has already implemented more than 150,000 turnkey PV systems with a total power of
more than 2.5 GWp. Its components and systems are traded over an extensive network of trade partners, such as
maxx |solar energy (Pty) Ltd. Through maintenance and monitoring, IBC Solar ensures an optimal performance of
the solar parks. IBC SOLAR was founded in 1982 in Bad Staffelstein, Germany, and employs around 300 people, of which approximately 200 work in Germany.

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Distribution Partner - SolarEdge

SolarEdge_LowRes_Logo_283x89_no-taglineEnjoy the benefits of SolarEdge which allow maximum power production through module-level MPPT and accurate trouble-shooting through module-level monitoring, as well as the DC shutdown for installing and maintenance personnel and firefighters through SafeDC™. Founded in 2006, SolarEdge established the DC power optimizer segment and is leading the market with over 70% market share. By Q2 2014, SolarEdge has shipped over 4 Million power optimizers to more than 60 countries worldwide.

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SMA- The leading manufacturer in the field of back-up technology

SMA SolarAs a leading global specialist for decentralised and renewable energy supply with photovoltaic systems, SMA employs more than 5,000 employees in 21 countries. Transform your house into a smart home using the intelligent SMA technology. Use battery storage systems and our high efficiency inverters to power your house with PV power as well as in the evening. Even industrial consumers can benefit from solar power with changing their diesel generators for a PV system that provides inexpensive electricity. Or just run your home off the grid if you don´t have access to it. Even after the PV systems are commissioned, our customers worldwide can rely on SMA and our comprehensive range of services, which ensure that their photovoltaic systems are operating cost efficiently at all times. You can rely on SMA's 30 years of experience.


Tesla-Powerwall battery

Mounting: Wall Mounted Indoor/Outdoor
Inverter: Pairs with growing list of inverters
Energy: 7 kWh or 10 kWh
Continuous Power: 2 kW
Peak Power: 3.3 kW
Voltage: 350 – 450 volts
Current: 5.8 amp nominal, 8.6 amp peak output
Round Trip Efficiency: >92%
Operating Temperature Range: -20C (-4F) to 43C (110F)
Warranty: 10 years
Weight: 100kg
Dimensions: H: 1300mm W: 860mm D:180mm

Sales start Q1 2016 only in combination with Fronius and SolarEdge Inverters

The Tesla Powerwall battery price following soon.

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