Tesla Powerwall to #BeMoreIndependent

The Tesla Powerwall is now available with our BMI system. The maxx group developed its BMI systems to make you

  • Independent from fossil fuels
  • Independent from ESKOMs price increases
  • Independent from load shedding


Reduce your energy bill or make the BMI your main energy source at home. For full security add a back-up solution for power during load shedding with a BMI plus.

Choose from various BMI layouts using only premium components: Tesla Energy Powerwall, IBC Solar modules, SMA Inverters, SolarEdge Inverters.

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BMI+ with Tesla Powerwall

With the market release of the Tesla Powerwall, Tesla captured all the attention with 100% commitment to the electric energy storage market. Certainly, the Powerwall, as well as the Electric Cars of Tesla will continue its triumphant march to our market. Self-sufficient living with green clean electricity is the ultimate goal of Tesla founder Elon Musk. 

Tesla PowerwallThis approch corresponds with the idea of the BMI system: Green independence by electricity self production and optional storage. The BMI was created to describe the way homeowners can take part in changing the way electricity supply works. The time has come to not rely on public supply only anymore but to take over a key position when it comes to taking a decision towards clean and safe energy usage.The BMI system is available in various designs, the combination of German engineered PV products and the Tesla Energy Powerwall is just one option.

What makes the Tesla Powerwall special

The Tesla Powerwall is able to increase a household's electricity self consumption. That means in combination with a PV system, the self-produced electricity can be stored in the Tesla Powerwall and is taken out again when needed. As a result, less energy from Eskom will be used.

The Tesla Powerwall is the first Lithium storage solution to combine technical advancement and design. Unlike other battery storage systems, the Tesla Powerwall doesn't have to be hidden in a garage but stands for beautiful technical progress, clean energy and independence.

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