Solar Power Cape Town

Solar Power Cape Town

Solar Power Cape Town is closely linked to the solar pioneer maxx-solar energy.
Solar modules from IBC Solar, Inverters SolarEdge, SMA, Fronius and the right frame, all from one source from solar specialists from Germany.
Photovoltaic in Cape town
maxx-solar has a Solar School and also trained in Cape Town German engineering. maxx-solar partners are working with controlled products from Germany and with a sound education.
Quality, good advice and a convincing product portfolio are the basis for your success. One of the principles successful selling is that one takes a different position than the competition and this does not imitate.
This is achieved with coordinated, coherent products that clearly stand out from the market, are financially and strategically very strong position and allow their customers significant added value.
Solar Power is also becoming known as photovoltaic or photovoltaic power.
Much too high energy costs in commercial operations, constantly rising electricity prices, competitive disadvantages.
The middle class has its own roof and the possibility of independence. A well-planned PV plant now produces a kilowatt hour for well under 8 cents border.
However, as regards their own energy costs, we already have very good ideas.
Become a role model for your employees, customers and business partners, you will become a climate-friendly companies. Save yourself expensive electricity costs and become self-sufficient through photovoltaics. but independence and a green corporate image are not the only benefits that we can offer you.

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Brochure with Guidelines of the City of Cape Town


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